A “name in lights” GOBO projection image is a personalized, custom-made monogram in light. GOBO stands for “Goes Between Optics”, since the created image is inserted into a powerful projector. The image can feature your names, initials, a logo, a pattern or a message which can be projected onto the dance floor, wall, tent or other surface at your wedding for the entire event.
The GOBO is only available as an add-on to a UpLighting package.

If you would like to add a GOBO, it’s a fun and simple process:


goboOptionNum1 Select a design from our 5 GOBO styles below, or provide us a jpeg of your own custom design.
goboExamples-namesNames Only goboExamples-name2heartsNames and 2 hearts goboExamples-nameHeartDateNames, 2 hearts and Date goboExample-heartHeart goboExample-initialsInitials
goboOptionNum2 Our graphic artist will then design a proof and send it to you for your approval.


Gobo projection onto every open surface at a venue is not always possible due to the venue’s physical limitations. We’ll need proper space to position the spotlight projector and it’s stand correctly and safely. Ideally, placing the projector a distance of 15 to 25 feet from the center of the dance floor or directly opposite the wall behind the head table is best for maximum, optimal impact of this lighting effect.